Soul Mate


Kari Pearce lives the life of a lone werewolf. No one knows of her affliction, not even her sister. When she hears of a missing child up in the Sequoias, Kari goes on the hunt to find the child and her abductor before tragedy can occur. Saving the child is easy; avoiding the FBI agent associated with the case is not.

Agent Nick Murdock knows he’s seen Kari before, but damn if he can remember where. There’s one thing he knows for sure. Kari Pearce, with her blond hair and piercing blue eyes, is hiding something. And Nick is going to find out what.


As she walked away, his eyes followed the gentle sway of her hips. Damn, she was something to watch.

Once out of sight, he turned in his seat and brought the coffee cup to his lips. As he swallowed, his eyes landed on the car keys sitting next to Kari’s empty plate.

With a wicked smile, he covered them with his hand and headed toward the door.

Outside he watched her fumbling through her purse while standing in front of a four-wheel drive rental. A strand of blonde hair slid over her face; she tossed it back in frustration and mumbled a curse.

“Looking for these?” He held up the keys and shook them with a jingle.

Her head shot up, eyes narrowed.

“You left them on the counter,” he found himself

Taking a step in his direction, she reached out to capture them from his fingers. Nick playfully pulled them out of reach. She cocked her head to the side and dropped her hand.

“Have dinner with me,” he spoke before she could say anything.

“What?” She looked at him as if he was crazy.

“You know, dinner. Kind of like breakfast, only later and with wine.”

“Are you always so forward, Mr. Murdock?”


“Are you always so forward, Nick?” she emphasized his name to express her annoyance.

“I believe in being direct.”

She took another step in his direction and smoothed her hair back. Her tongue shot out and moistened her lips. The action shot heat to his groin. “I’m glad to hear that, Nick. I believe in being direct, too.”
Stepping closer, she brought one hand up between them, tilted her head back to gaze into his eyes.

A small shock registerd when she trailed a finger down his arm, I think you are very attractive.”

“That’s a start.” His voice grew husky. “But…”

“But,” she sighed and walked her fingers down his arm. “I don’t like being held hostage for a date.” With that, she grabbed her keys from his hand and turned to walk away.

The Book

Soul Mate
Single Title, Novella
November 2013, Second Edition
eBook Only


“From the first page to the last this is a book that keeps you wanting to read to find the outcome. It holds all the key ingredients for a great story. You have everything from danger and suspense, to romance, with some steamy sex added in.”

“Catherine Bybee knows how to weave a tale of mystery and adventure flawlessly with a love story.”

“Kari and Nick were so hot I’m surprised my computer didn’t burst into flames.”

“Catherine has a wonderful sense of timing and her scenes and characters come alive beneath her ‘pen’, and her use of secondary characters helps to lay background information smoothly.”

“I will definitely look for more books by Catherine Bybee!”

“A fast-paced, smoothly progressing read, this is not your typical werewolf story. Laced with humor and moments of heated sensuality, it’s well worth the time to devour.”

“This one’s a quick, easy read that remains enjoyable every time I come back to it. Highly recommended!”

“I truly enjoyed reading this story. The characters were easy to adore. The romance was hot and the story moved along at a nice pace. If you’re looking for a fun, quick read, you won’t be disappointed with Soul Mate!”

“This is a short, fast moving story of sharing the truth and finding love. Another enjoyable story by Catherine Bybee.”

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