Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page. Here you will find everything from series specific questions to questions about publishing. Click on the question you are interested in, and the answer will appear. If your question is not here, please feel free to use the contact form.

When is Cian’s (MacCoinnich Time Travel) book coming out?

Since the release of book 5, Highland Protector, life has been a whirlwind for Catherine. She’s walked through a divorce, a California wildfire that required evacuation, mudslides and flooding that followed, and then her father’s stroke, recovery, and his complete lifestyle change. All this while relocating and becoming an empty nester. Life is a roller coaster, and as soon as her ride slows down, Cian will get the attention he deserves. What Catherine does not want to do is rush the book or start it when life has not given her the proper space and time for it. When she writes Cian’s story, she will do it well and unrushed. You will, however, see contemporary releases from Catherine as those are legally contracted books that must be finished. The time travel series is a self published work that has to be done in Catherine’s free time.

Will you write a fourth Richter book?

While Catherine never completely closes the door on a series, there are no plans for a fourth Richter book. Not yet, anyway. There was also no plans for the First Wives series or the Richter series and look what happened! Stay tuned… you just never know with Bybee!

Will you write anymore Not Quite books?

While Catherine never completely closes the door on a series, Catherine does not feel there are anymore stories to tell from this series. She has moved on to new adventures!

Will you write anymore Weekday Brides books?

No, but only because she did continue it… in a spin-off! Check out her First Wives series.

Will you write anymore First Wives books?

No, but only because she did continue it… in a spin-off! Check out her Richter series, which released in 2021.

Will you write any more books in the Ritter Werewolf series?

It hasn’t been completely ruled out, but there is nothing currently in the works.

In the Most Likely To series, is river bend an actual place in oregon?

No, River Bend is a fictional, coastal-like town straight out of Catherine’s imagination.

Do your books have to be read in any specific order?

All of Catherine’s books are written as standalones, meaning they are self-contained stories that can be read, understood, and enjoyed without depending on another book. That said, for a robust reading experience we recommended reading the books in order, as you will enjoy all the secondary characters more fully.

This is with the exception of the MacCoinnich Time Travels. Due to timelines and cliffhangers, it is best to read those in order.

Single title books have no connection to any other title.

How can I keep up with events and appearances?

The “What’s Happening” section of the home page of this website is a good way to keep up with this, but the absolute best way is to subscribe to Bybee News! As a subscriber, you will receive monthly updates that focus on Catherine’s past and upcoming book releases as well as exclusive information and snippets of Catherine’s personal life. Along with that, you’ll receive updates on any conferences, book signing, and other events and appearances that Catherine may participate in.

Where can I get information for press/media purposes?

Check out the “About” page of this website.

How do I subscribe for the newsletter?

Click here to be taken to the subscribe form. Thank you for joining the journey!

What social media platforms can I follow Catherine on?

All of Catherine’s favorite social media platforms are linked on the “Connect” page of this website.

Why can’t I find Bybee’s contemporary books in Nook format?

Wife by Wednesday and Married by Monday were originally self-published but have since been purchased by Montlake Romance, an imprint of Amazon Publishing. Currently Amazon Publishing only offers their digital books via the Kindle. This is a publisher preference and decision. However, the Nook HD and Nook HD+ can now download the Kindle app so you can read any Kindle title on your Nook, and print versions of Bybee’s books can be purchased at most online retailers.

What’s this Kindle Unlimited thing?

Kindle Unlimited is monthly subscription service that will let you read as many eligible e-books as you want for a low monthly price. There are currently over 600,000 books that are eligible, Bybee titles included. You can have up to ten at one time on your Kindle, and you swap them out as you read.

How can I get an advanced readers copy of a Bybee book?

ARCs (Advanced Reader’s Copies) are provided by the publisher. Professional reviewers may request an ARC directly from the publisher by contating Publicity Lead, Jessica Preeg (jpreeg [at], or via NetGalley. However, the publisher has the right to give or not give an ARC to a reviewer. That said, readers should keep an eye out for giveaways via Facebook and the Newsletter. ARC’s are routinely given away in the months preceding book releases.

What advice can you give an aspiring writer?

Write! There is no book, method, or magic trick to suggest. The best and most important thing to do is be in front of your story to write it. That’s how you refine the craft of writing, by doing it over and over and over… In time, you will become a better writer by finding your unique writing voice.

Can you endorse my book, provide a quote for my book, and/or refer me to an agent at Dystel & Goderich or an editor at Montlake Publishing?

Endorsing, providing quotes and/or referring a book requires the book first be read. Due to lack of time, reading for pleasure and escape are the priority when it comes to what’s in Catherine’s TBR pile.