Half Empty


Trina Petrov’s marriage-by-contract was only meant to be temporary. But when tragedy strikes, Trina is left one of the wealthiest women in the world. To recover from the shock, she takes some time off in Italy, swearing not to fall for any men while there. But that doesn’t mean she can’t fall for anyone on the trip home…

Country-music superstar Wade Thomas is lying low in a hotel bar when he gets the cold shoulder from the woman next to him. He’s used to fans fawning at his boots, and Trina is a refreshing change—so is the fact that she has no idea who he is.

As things begin to heat up, Trina discovers that the circumstances of her late husband’s death are not what they seemed. Now she’s in trouble, and Wade isn’t about to let her out of his sight. Getting close to love and danger could get them killed…or it could sweep them both off their feet.


His phone buzzed in his pocket, and he reached to answer without looking at the name.



He didn’t recognize the voice.

“Depends on who is askin’.”

“It’s the blonde pit bull.”

He winced. Avery. “Trina did not tell you I said that.”

“She most certainly did.”

“Well, Miss Avery, I meant that out of my deepest respect,” he backpedaled. “Strong women run the earth.”

“Keep kissing up,” she said.

He laughed as he scanned the crowed exiting baggage claim. “What can I do for you?”

“I wanted to make sure you didn’t send some flunky to pick Trina up at the airport.”

“No, ma’am, I did not. I’m standing right here, waiting for her now.”


“Anything else?” he asked, knowing full well Avery wasn’t done.

“Yeah. Don’t mess with her head.”

He opened his mouth to respond, only to be cut off. “Don’t lie to her. Don’t tell her she’s the only one if she isn’t. Don’t be an asshole.”

Wade didn’t think The Blonde Pit Bull was a worthy enough title for the woman giving him sass on the phone.

“You’re a good friend, Avery. Trina’s lucky to have you on her side.” He really did mean that. Much as he was the one on the wrong end of the woman’s gun.


“I’m going to go out on a limb and say you really don’t like me, do you?”

“I know your kind, and I’ve warned her. But apparently there isn’t anything else I can do.”

From the crowd he saw a woman of Trina’s height with sleek black hair…his heart did a little two-step of its own.

“I’ll take good care of her. You can count on that.”

Yup, that was her. Those dark eyes caught his, even through his sunglasses, and her lips spread into a smile. The feeling in his belly made his entire body warm.

This was good.

This was very good.

Avery was saying something that he didn’t catch.

“Ah-huh . . . sure. Thanks for your advice.” He hung up.

Trina pushed one small, round designer suitcase in front of her as she approached.

He wanted to kiss her. Wanted to throw his arms around her, spin her in a circle, and make her laugh with the silliness of it all.

He hesitated.

“Screw it.” Four giant steps and he gave in to the desire. He lifted her surprised frame off the ground, pulled her body flush with his, and dropped his lips to her ear. “I can’t believe you’re here.”


He kissed the side of her head, opting for something less personal, considering he had yet to savor her lips.

Yet, God willing, be the right word.

The Book

Half Empty
The First Wives Series, Book Two
A Weekday Brides Spin-Off
July 2018, First Edition
eBook & Print

Ranks & Awards

#5 Amazon Kindle Bestseller
#1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller in
Women’s Fiction
#2 Amazon Kindle Bestseller in
Contemporary Romance
Amazon Editor’s Pick: Best Romance
(December 2020)


“Wade and Trina here in Half Empty just might be one of my favorite couples Catherine Bybee has gifted us fans with so far. Captivating, engaging, lively and dreamy, I simply could not get enough of this book.”

“Who runs the world? Girls! Beyonce’s song kept going through my head while I was reading Catherine Bybee’s, Half Empty! I love books that have strong, amazing women and The First Wives series comes through big time in those departments!”

“This is a book full of drama and complex twists and turns, as well as a lovely romance.”

“Why hasn’t Catherine Bybee written a high octane Hollywood movie script yet … Part rock star romance, part romantic thriller, I really enjoyed this book.”

“I was looking for something sweet, fun, and uncomplicated, Ms. Bybee could be counted on to deliver just that.”

“Entertaining and fun…”

“I inhaled this one in less than a day and couldn’t be in a more blissful state now. Catherine Bybee NEVER fails me and I adore every single one of her series … Her books are romantic, steamy, original and dreamy. Her women are fierce, and her men are powerful, and I just adore them.”

“Oh my, the feels in this one! Trina and Wade are perfect for each other.”

“Catherine Bybee is fast becoming one of my auto-buy authors … The pacing is fast, the characters are entertaining and well-written, and the plot is fantastic.”

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