Doing It Over


Voted Most Likely to Succeed, Melanie Bartlett ended up anything but. The down-on-her-luck single mom wants a complete do-over—is that too much to ask? With her family long gone from River Bend, strong, independent Mel is as surprised as anyone to end up in the quaint small town she once called home. But with her friends, Jo and Zoe, by her side, and a comfortable room at Miss Gina’s quirky bed-and-breakfast, she just might have turned the corner on a new life.

Wyatt Gibson never liked the big city. River Bend suits the ruggedly handsome builder just fine. Wyatt knows he’s home, even if that means being charmed by the appearance of Melanie and her spunky, adorable daughter. Is Wyatt’s calm devotion—even amid a coming storm—enough to convince Mel she may have found a home to call her own, a family that never leaves, and a true love to last a lifetime?


The pole vault pit sat in the southwest corner of the field. A tarp covered the mass of foam and cushion that kept the vaulters from hurting themselves when they landed after their jumps. The standards framed the pit but the poles and crossbars were put away in a locked shed.

Memories of her first jump, how uncoordinated she’d felt, surfaced. It took three months before she actually landed a decent vault. It had only been five feet, but God it felt good. She remembered the senior vaulters all cheering. Zoe had given a thumbs up, and Jo told her to aim higher or join high jump.

She aimed higher.

“Can’t help yourself, can you?”

Melanie jumped and turned. “You like sneaking up on people, coach?”

Wyatt stood behind her with a smile. A sexy smile that warmed her. “I didn’t sneak, you weren’t paying attention.”

Yeah, right…she sat on the pit and couldn’t help but bounce. The condition of the pit had deteriorated over the past decade. “Do you vault?” she asked him.

“I never got the hang of the turn. Luckily, coaching doesn’t require me to break anything. Did you vault in college?”

She shook her head. “I didn’t see the point. I wasn’t good enough for the Olympics, and no one was offering me a full scholarship.”

“You cleared eleven two. That’s brag worthy.”

Melanie caught his eyes. “You looked up my record?”

He lifted both hands in the air. “Guilty.”

“Checking out a potential coach?”

He shrugged his shoulders and said. “No. Just checking you out.”

It took a second for his words to register and Melanie felt her cheeks warm. He started to laugh. “You’re easy to fluster, Miss Bartlett.”

“I’m not flustered,” she denied and removed her butt from the pit. She offered him her back and put her cool hand to her cheeks.

I’m so flustered. You’d think no one ever flirted with her. Or maybe those who did held little interest for her. Truth is, she may have aged ten years, but she was relatively clueless when it came to the world of men.

Instead of admitting anything, she moved over to the giant shipping container that held all the pole vault equipment. She wedged the pole against the bottom of the shed and leaned into it. Where she once bent the pole with ease, she could already tell she’d lost the upper body strength to use the thing.

“You wanna try?” Wyatt asked.


“Since breaking and entering has been mastered…”

Melanie shook her head with a roll of her eyes. “I know the sheriff. And besides, she had the key made.”

Wyatt offered a dimpled smile. “I’m learning new things everyday with you in town.” He moved away from the container and over to the pit. “They say it’s like riding a bike.”

“They do not!”

“They do.”

She planted the pole into the box and attempted to bend it again. “Who are they anyway?”

“Life’s cheerleaders.”

Melanie cringed. “Fake smiles and pom poms…what do they know?”

“Don’t be hating.”

She took a few steps back and lifted the eleven-foot pole before letting the end come down with a bounce. “I’m not hating. Just not a fan.”

“Yet you were on the squad.”

She offered a glance over her shoulder, found his eyes snapping up from his gaze lingering on her butt. “Checking me out again?”

It was his turn to fluster. “Yes…no…I mean. Your friend Margie told me you were on the squad. Now, are you going to jump on the pole or just fondle it all day?”

She glanced at her hands gripping the tape.

Wyatt laughed.

“I’m not going to get flustered,” she muttered

“Too late.”

The Book

Doing It Over
The Most Likely To Series, Book One
April 2016, First Edition
eBook & Print

Ranks & Awards

#5 Amazon Kindle Bestseller
NewInBooks Best Summer Reads 2016: Romance


“The romance between fiercely independent Melanie and charming Wyatt heats up even as outsiders threaten to derail their newfound happiness. This novel will hook readers with its warm, inviting characters and the promise for similar future installments.”

“The start of a new series from the ever talented Catherine Bybee, Doing It Over is a story that begins with a familiar theme of coming home and reconnecting with friends and family you’ve left behind … As a romance it does satisfy but its
suspenseful elements to get that elusive happily ever after that makes it extra special.”

“I loved single mom Melanie Bartlett, her daughter Hope and handy man Wyatt Gibson from the start. Add in a whole list of other loveable characters and I couldn’t help but fall in love with River Bend.”

“I love the romance, and the mystery that surrounds the story, and it’s not just about Melanie. I think this was a great series starter with all those promising plots coming into light somewhere in between the chapters of the first book.”

“The biggest thing to take away from this book. Friendship.”

“If you need a feel good read that you can read in one afternoon, cause you won’t be able to put it down, pick up DOING IT OVER!”

“I enjoyed the friendships in this book and can’t wait for the next book in the series. This is a well-written story with everything you’ll want in a romance. ”

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